Stock Market Winner

Each month the Superintendent and School Board of directors will honor great things at Blairsville-Saltsburg School District.


Dane Curnow, who is in Mr. Freeman’s 8th-grade Careers class, took the top spot in the state in the middle school division.  


At the beginning of the Stock Market Game, Dane started with an account balance of $100,000.  By the end of the game, his portfolio was worth:  $222,309.29 


So how did he do it? 


He was aggressive. He invested in large growth tech stocks such as TESLA, NETFLIX, and Amazon and companies whose stock prices bounced back from their COVID-19 lows, such as NIKE and Exxon Mobile. He executed over 200 trades in smaller stocks, successfully buying the dip and selling at the top. 


He had an aggressive, risky strategy that paid off.  Dane was awarded a $100 Amazon gift card.


Also, Zak Artley finished in first place out of 519 students in the Pittsburgh Region Stock Market Game.  Zak invested in Moderna (returned 125%), Johnson & Johnson, and PFIZER.


Molly Sisitki, a 12th-grade student, finished 6th out of 271 participants in the Pittsburgh Region Budget game with an almost perfect credit score of 840.