Blairsville-Saltsburg Virtual Academy

Using Seneca Valley Academy of Choice

Taxpayer Monies Stay Local to Educate YOUR Student!

The Blairsville- Saltsburg School District understands that the traditional brick and mortar classroom is not always the best learning environment for every child.

Blairsville-Saltsburg Virtual Academy (BSVA) provides a comprehensive academic program that provides a full-range of options for all students in the Blairsville-Saltsburg School District. We've revitalized our program so we can provide more online opportunities that would allow our students to customize their schedules for greater flexibility and still have access to district staff.

Benefits of Choosing Blairsville-Saltsburg Virtual Academy

  • Certified and highly qualified teachers
  • Instruction provided by Seneca Valley Academy of Choice
  • Courses aligned to State Standards and B-SSD approved curriculum
  • 100% guaranteed course and credit transfer to B-SSD
  • District issued Diploma upon graduation, and participation in our district high schools' graduation ceremony
  • Free program, no additional costs
  • Eligible to participate in school-wide activities (homecoming. Holiday, prom) and assemblies
  • Taxpayer monies stay local to educate YOUR students!
  • Students are still eligible for district extracurricular activities (Ex: athletics, band/choir, dances/formals and clubs)
  • Students are eligible to attend Indiana County Technology Center (district transportation provided)
  • Additional in-person Support offered by B-SSD teachers and staff

If you are interested In BSVA for your child, please contact your school's guidance counselor.